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Sod Webworms                                                                                                                                        Armyworms


Web worms and army worms are small caterpillar like insects which feed on the surface of your lawn. Much like a beaver cutting down trees, these insects basically feed at the base of your lawn, chewing off the grass blade at its base (crown),causing a general thinning of the area. Normally everyone’s lawn has a few of these, it is only when the lawn has suffered significant damage the a insect control should be considered. Excessive bird activity on ones lawn together with a general thinning of the same area can sometimes be an indicator of a problem.

Damage by this insect is difficult to diagnose unless you know what to look for. Finding fresh Frass (web worm poo)in the thatch is sometimes difficult to do. A thin lawn can be the result of several insect or disease problems so it is important to know what the problem is to treat it properly.  Earth Care can correctly diagnosis the problem, and provided a treatment plan.  Call 630-231-8940. 


NOTE: The adult is a white moth seem most often in the late afternoon, flying around in the lawn. The adults are looking for a place to lay their eggs. This is not an indicator of a problem. Rather it is an indicator of a potential problem. There are alot of things that have to go just right for a web worm population to grow large enough to do damage. A healthy lawn environment often prevents the damage that can occur.


Sod web worm or army worm can cause severe thinning of your lawn – especially during periods of drought. To help your lawn recover at a faster rate, try to water heavily one (1) time per week (1hr per setting). Always mow at highest or second highest setting on your mower.  Core aeration is recommended to reduce the thatch level in the lawn,and should be an annual thing. A reduction in Thatch eliminates the home of this insect, plus it helps the lawn develops a stronger root system. Call Earth Care ... we'd be happy to Core your Lawn!  630-231-8940


Earth Care is licenced to apply the necessary insect control to you lawn.  Give us a Call!  630-231-8940.  There are products available for this at local garden centers, make sure you follow the instructions exactly.


Please Note:

Insect Controls as a rule are non-selective. This means that they kill the good guys with the bad. Therefore an insect control should only be used if the lawn is experiencing a significant amount of damage. Usage of insect controls on an annual basis as a preventative is not recommended by Earth Care. Over time the bad guys will develop a resistance to the product used, making control of a future problem that more difficult if not impossible. A lawn on a steady diet of insect control will become dependent on it just like a drug addict! …because the good guys always recover at a slower pace.

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