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What is Snow Mold?

This is a disease that can hit a lawn during heavy snow cover. It is most commonly found in areas where snow accumulates, and melts slowly.  It is during this time that Snow Mold grows.

If you look closely at the brownish areas in the lawn you will notice that in some areas of the grass looks like it was glued down.  Upon closer inspection you may even find the remains of the Mycelium (cobweb like growth), which can be either grey or pink.  The remains often give the tan dead grass a pinkish or grey hew.



What can Earth Care Do!

1st we would diagnose the problem:  Since this disease is only active in the Spring during Snow melt it is often mistaken as something else. Although chemical controls are available, they are designed as preventatives, and need to be applied prior to snowfall.  The amount of control is very dependent on weather conditions after the application. Earth Care does not recommend these Materials as their cost is high, and the results often poor.



What can I do?


Snow Mold can kill the grass, but often will just damage the leaf tissue.  The best thing you can do is as soon as possible lightly rake the affected areas, to fluff it up and allow air to circulate thru the debris.  In really bad areas, working the appropriate type of seed into the debris will repair the area when the temperature becomes warm enough for seed to germinate. In the fall make sure lawn debris is removed and mow the lawn shorter than normal the last few cuts of the year.

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