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Pavers and Walls:

Project Description:

Paveloc Bravado Patio and Seat Wall
Custom Cedar Trellis
Landscape Lighting
Patio and Planting Design
Planting Bed Preparation
Seed and Mat Lawn Areas
Complete Irrigation System

The customer came to Earth Care, Inc. towards the

end of a major home remodeling and addition

project with an idea in mind for a patio seating

area. We worked together to design the patio and

seat walls. The Customer also liked our ideas to

design two custom trellis structures to start to

hide some utilities and provide a space for the

grill to back up to.

With a good grasp of plant material, the homeowner worked with our designer to layout and install a selection of plants for a professional look that would complement the house and patio space. 


before and after pictures



Before                                                           After

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