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What is LEAF SPOT?


The orange/yellow spots on the grass blade are an indication of Leaf Spot.

This disease  is one of the most common, in a bluegrass Lawn.

If it is bad enough it can lead to thinning of your lawn, and in severe cases to melting out.

Melting out is final stage of this disease where the disease infects the crown of the plant. This often occurs when the grass stops growing and is in stress due to heat and dryness.


What can I do?

Call Earth Care to properly Diagnose this if you are unsure.

Never water past dusk, or early in the morning if the lawn will not dry out within 1 hr.

Moist conditions promote this disease.  Keeping the lawn watered by watering heavily  1 hr. in a spot and 1-2 times a week is better than daily watering.


What can Earth Care do?

Regular Fertilizations along with the proper moisture  will keep the Lawn growing so that the diseased

Leaves are removed before the disease move down farther to the crown, causing melting out.

In severe cases there are chemical controls. 

However, Earth Care does not recommend these very often , as they end to be expensive and are only  designed to Prevent future infection for a short period of time (2-3 weeks). 

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