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Grubs                                                                                    Grub Damage


Grubs are the larvae of several beetles. (June Beetle, Japanese beetle) They are c-shaped and white in appearance.  Because they feed on the root system of the lawn, they often can kill off an area.  They prefer hot dry areas and therefore, are often first found along drives, walks, and curbs.  Typical signs of a Grub infestation include:


1) Excessive Animal Activity in Lawn.  IE: Digging up of areas in lawn - usually by Skunks, Squires, or Raccoons.


2) Grass peels back like a piece of Sod.


3) Areas of lawn that look like they are slowly dying - yellowing.

Almost always these symptoms occur in Sunny/Hot locations of Lawn


The grub live cycle is roughly as follows: Adult lays eggs in June/July, larvae develop into grubs, Aug/Sept heavy feeding (most Damage), then grubs burrows deep into ground. Spring - April - May Grub re- emerges and begins feeding (this usually creates minor damage) If the grubs life cycle is 1 year it Pupates into a new Beetle and cycle repeats. If it has 2 yr. life cycle the grub  continues to feed thru the summer and doesn't pupate until the following June.  For the True Grub lover... one can determine the parent (species), by the hairy pattern on the rear of the grub.



Grubs can be controlled! An insect Control for Grubs will take care of the problem.  There are several on the market, it is extremely important that you follow the directions exactly! Or you can Earth Care  at 630-231-8940 and we'll take care of it for you! Once material is applied and watered in per the instructions it is important that you water on a regular basis but not excessively to keep the grass that has been affected alive so that it can grow new roots (Usually 2 weeks).  Like sod it will die quickly if not watered.


Biological Control  Biological Controls such as Milky Spore, are available, and do control Grubs. The problem is that is works slowly, so a serious outbreak will continue for weeks before control is achieved.  This means lawn area could suffer even more damage. As a preventative it should be applied in April as 1st Stage of Grub is emerging.


PLEASE NOTE: Insects controls as a rule are non selective.  This means that they kill the good guys and the bad!  Therefore a Grub Control should only be used if the Lawn is experiencing significant damage. Usage of Insect controls every year as a preventative is not Recommended by Earth Care. Over time the Bad guys will develop a resistance to the product, making control that much more difficult.  A lawn on a steady Insect Control diet will become dependent on it just like a Drug addict!  This is because the  good guys that in many cases would control a minor outbreak take longer to recover from an insect control application.

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