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What are Aphids?

Aphids are  a small green (usually) soft body insect that can feed on turf grass. This insects feeds by sucking on the leaves of grass, much like a mosquito does to us. Damage can range from nothing to death of a lawn area depending on the quantity of Aphids present, and the weather conditions.  The drier it is the less damage the grass can sustain, before showing damage.  Typical Damage tends to look like a overall yellowing of grass, leaves will often be covered with aphids. Often one will aphid damage under trees (especially maples) as this insects also feeds on tree leaves.  Often they fall from the tree to grass. Earth Care has rarely found Aphids without an infected tree nearby. 

What can I do?

Aphids are usually not a serious pest - just annoying.  Control can be achieved by using a Insect control available at any local Garden center.  Once applied the lawn should be watered on a regular basis for a week or so to help the damaged area recover. 

Insect controls are available at your local Garden Center to control this pest. 
Soapy water has also proven effective in controlling this insect.  However if a Tree is also infected control will be short lived as more will fall to ground and re- infest lawn.  Therefore it is important to have Tree treated as well. Earth Care can inject the tree with an insect control and treat the lawn. Call us at 630-231-8940.

Please Note:

Insect Controls as a rule are non-selective. This means that they kill the good guys with the bad. Therefore an insect control should only be used if the lawn is experiencing a significant amount of damage. Usage of insect controls on an annual basis as a preventative is not recommended by Earth Care. Over time the bad guys will develop a resistance to the product used, making control of a future problem that more difficult if not impossible. A lawn on a steady diet of insect control will become dependent on it just like a drug addict! …because the good guys always recover at a slower pace.


What can EARTH CARE do?

If you think you have Aphids Earth Care can diagnose the problem and treat it!  We can also Inject your tree and eliminate the source. 
Call us 630-231-8940 or use the Contact tab to email us!

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